Updated Jan 12, 2023
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Available Now - VIRTUALLY APPROXIMATE SUBTERFUGE, K.L.Storer - full-length album.

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BE OR NOT, a movie by K.L.Storer. Starring Natasha Randall and Craig Roberts. Director of photography, Fred Boomer

Still for sale, 'STILL ME' on DVD, http://brookwoodfilms.com/buy.html
As an actor I was privileged to have a small roll in this multi-award winning, very touching, most poignant short film. I was further privileged to accept the award, on behalf of Beth McElhenny, for Best Family Film at the 2008 Secret City Film Festival in Oakridge, Tennessee. The film has won awards far more than that one time. Click on the image to go to the official site and see the successes, thus far.

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