Updated May 1, 2024
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K.L. on stage - SUPERIOR DONUTS at The Dayton Theatre Guild 430 Wayne Ave. Dayton, Ohio 45410 - Join K.L. and his castmates: K.L.Storer as Arthur Przybyszewski, Andre Tomlinson as Franco Wicks, Mike Beerbower as Max Tarasov, Heather Martin as Officer Randy Osteen, Percy Vera as Officer James Bailey, Max Santucci as Luther Flynn, Jennifer Lockwood as Lady Boyle, Brandon Teeple as Kevin Magee
My latest stage role, and at my home theatre

Still for sale, 'STILL ME' on DVD, http://brookwoodfilms.com/buy.html
As an actor I was privileged to have a small roll in this multi-award winning, very touching, most poignant short film. I was further privileged to accept the award, on behalf of Beth McElhenny, for Best Family Film at the 2008 Secret City Film Festival in Oakridge, Tennessee. The film has won awards far more than that one time. Click on the image to go to the official site and see the successes, thus far.


BE OR NOT, a movie by K.L.Storer. Starring Natasha Randall and Craig Roberts. Director of photography, Fred Boomer
This is an early short-subject movie that I directed, with great collaboration from Director of Photography Fred Boomer.

It features Natasha Randall and Craig Roberts. It's guided improvization with the two actors working off guidlines that I provided: a scenario, a good amount of character and story background, and with a targeted ending.

This is taken from an, as of yet, unfinished full-length movie, also all guided improv, that features Natasha in another scene related to Be Or Not, and it features several other actors in other story lines.

The other actors are (in alphabetical order): Daunte Beddingfield, Loren Goins, Barbara Jorgensen, Crystal Justice (who also served as AD for several of the shoots), Wayne Justice, Wendi Michael, Elena Monigold, Gino Pasi, David Sherman, and Brett Taylor.

The full-length, which has been in postproduction limbo for well over a decade, is tentatively titled, Vignettes in Bellcreek. It would be ridiculous for me to try at a date that this movie will reach final cut ‐‐ but hope springs eternal that someday.....


Available Now - VIRTUALLY APPROXIMATE SUBTERFUGE, K.L.Storer - full-length album.

click for the album's page here

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