Where to Purchase or Stream the Album

Available Now - VIRTUALLY APPROXIMATE SUBTERFUGE, K.L.Storer - full-length album.

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Amazon.com (streaming)

Apple Music (streaming) & link to iTunes (digital download)

7Digital (digital download)

Qobuz (streaming, CD &, digital download)

Record Store Day (digital download)

Resso (streaming & digital download)

Amazon Music (streaming)

Deezer (streaming)

iHeart Radio (streaming)

The album is also available from merchants and streamers not listed here, especially in territories outside the United States of America.
Live X One (formerly Slacker Radio) (streaming)

Napster (streaming)

Pandora (streaming)

Spotify (streaming)

Tidal Music (streaming)

TikTok Music (streaming)

YouTube Music (streaming)

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