Updated Oct 15, 2021
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music Since October of 2019, I have been in the gradual process of recording a full-length album, which will be titled, Virtually Approximate Subterfuge. I hope to have it mixed, mastered, and released before Christmas, 2021. As you can see from other pages here, I have released the first single already, "Just One Shadow," which speaks to the pandemic all our worlds have been experiencing for all these many, many months. You can purchase the single and its B-side, "Roll the Dice," on iTunes and at Amazon. The songs are also streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, and Deezer.

Click here for an essay about the album on my "On-Liner Notes" page.

Click here for the official music video.

assistant directing At the Dayton Theatre Guild we are currently showing our 2021/2022 season's sophomore production Women in Jeopardy, by Wendy MacLeod, directed by Marjorie Strader and with myself as the assistant director. The show runs weekends, through Oct 24.
sound designing Along with being sound designer for Women in Jeopardy, I designed sound for the Franklin High School production of Treasure Island. It runs the weekend of October 22-24.
writing I currently have draft 5g of a two-act play that I've been writing for a while -- the last year or two.I am now at the stage of sending out to various new play festivals, etc.
K.L.'s Blog - a diary of artfull things' Click here to follow day-to-day details, as they arise, for each of these items as well as other artist's life related stuff, on my blog.

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