Updated Mar 6, 2023
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sound designing Soundwork at The Dayton Theatre Guild for the rest of the 2022/2023 season.
  • I'm the designer for Relativity, for which I am also the producer; it runs weekends Mar 17-Apr 2.
  • I also will be assisting David Shough with the programing of his sound design for our last show of the season, Hedda Gabler, running weekends Jun 2-18, 2023.

I am on-board as the sound designer for the Beavercreek Community Theatre production of Sordid Lives, by Del Shores, which will run Apr 21-30.

Directing I am the director for The Guild's production of Wednesday's Child, by Mark St. Germain, which is the second show of the DTG 2023/2024 season.

Auditions will be August 28 & 29, 2023; more information will will follow, later.

The show runs weekends, Nov 3-19, 2023.

music Two collections of music that have been in the can for a while are on the docket for mastering.
  1. one is a double album with much electronic, experimental, and new-age type music on it, which I recorded in the mid 1980s.
  2. the other is ambient sound, which was recorded several years ago.

Meanwhile, click here for the official page for my album, Virtually Approximate Subterfuge, which released in November of 2022.

writing I currently am working, on and off, on drafts of my two-act play, which I've been writing for a while. Draft 5g was submitted to a new play festival, but was not selected as a finalist. More submissions will happen. I will shortly embark on what I have designated as Draft 5i.
Blog Click here to follow day-to-day details, as they arise, for my artists' ventures as well as other artist's-life related stuff, on my blog.

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