Updated August 8, 2022
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music Since October of 2019, I have been in the gradual process of recording a full-length album, titled, Virtually Approximate Subterfuge. Mixing and mastering for the album is underway and a release date will be set shortly.

The first single, "Just One Shadow," which speaks to the pandemic all our worlds have been experiencing for all these many, many months, released August 30 of 2021. the second single, "The Night Before the Night Before Christmas" released in December, 2021.

"Just One Shadow" and its B-side, "Roll the Dice," are available from several different platforms:

"The Night Before the Night Before Christmas" and its extra track, "I'll Be Home for Christmas" are available from the same platforms:

The album versions of both of these songs will be slightly re-mastered. There will also be rereleases of both single and their videos, with the remastered versons as the video sound tracks. They will be in addition to rather than replacements for the music videos already published.

Click here for an essay about the album on my "On-Liner Notes" page.

writing I currently am working, on and off, on draft 5h of a two-act play that I've been writing for a while ‐‐ the last year or two. Draft 5g has been submitted out to a new play festival, etc. more submissions will happen when 5h is finished. However, it's not impossible that draft 5h will have become draft 6, if I end up doing any serious revising, which could occur.
Blog Click here to follow day-to-day details, as they arise, for my artists' ventures as well as other artist's-life related stuff, on my blog.

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